The physical death is the deterioration and destruction of the body. But the spirit, which is the true part of our beings, is able to move to another level. Death is therefore a temporary and brief transition from one level to another. As a result, the experience of the spirit world is altered each time someone dies or returns to it.

– We use our conscious mind most of the time in the physical world. However, we occasionally reach into our subconscious mind. Only a few people are able to communicate with their super-conscious minds. Spiritual beings, on the other hand are in touch with their subconscious mind and their super-conscious minds. They are therefore aware of their true nature. The spiritual realm is a place where we are aware of our true nature. We are free spirits that are co-creators and co-creators with God, or the universal energy.

– The spirit world has no religions. There is only one God. Spiritual beings understand that God is the positive force in the universe and the reason for its existence. His/Her harmony is what holds the universe together. God is the source of all life, and without Him/Her there would be no existence or being. Evil is when we turn away from God and force ourselves into discord. Because we are imperfect in our thoughts and reactions, and behaviours, we are constantly reborn on the physical plane so that we can learn and attain perfection and rejoin God as co-creators.

– The spirit world is the same as the physical world, except that there are no physical comforts, no manmade objects, and no emotional baggage. Only the beauty of the universe remains. As in the physical world, the spirit world also has sky, flowers and fruits. The experience in the spirit realm is vivid because everything is the result thoughts patterns. Thoughts can instantly project and create anything you want. You can think evil and it will come, or good and it will come, but you can also think love and be surrounded by love.

– The spirit world operates energetically. There are no physical bodies. Spirit communicate with each other using a universal language that is based on thought patterns. Astral bodies, or spiritual bodies, have all the same senses as physical bodies. They can also touch, hear and see family members who have passed away from the physical plane.

– The spirit world does not have time or space, as we know them. The spirit world does not have a past, present, or future. Everything is now.

Spiritual beings do the same work as us on the earthly plane. However, they are more comfortable doing work that is useful, necessary, and enjoyable. There is no one who is forced to work in spirit world. Therefore, progress in spiritual world is slower when spirits don’t choose to work. Spiritual beings consider it a privilege to visit the physical plane. The learning process is faster and more enjoyable when there is more experience with duality (good or evil) in the physical realm.

– Activity and work in the spirit realm include quiet reflection, helping others in spirit worlds or beings on the earth plane, thoughtful review and reflection of past lives, as well as meditation to connect with god’s energy. Meditation is just as important in spirit worlds as in the real world. It links spirits to god’s energies. All spirit beings do not have the divine energy. Only those who are pure and true to God’s will are in this state.

The spirit world is governed by nine spiritual laws. These laws can be used as guidelines for living fulfilling lives. Meditation is a powerful tool to connect us with the spirit realm, spiritual beings, and god.

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