When evaluating potential companies, the most common question people have is “Is it a scam?” So I decided to spend a few hours researching a relative newcomer to the multi-level marketing industry, which has many people asking if it’s worth their time. World Ventures was the company that I reviewed. Here’s what I discovered which I hope will assist you in deciding if World Ventures is a legitimate business opportunity or a fraud. “.

You don’t need the entire seat, but you can pay for it.

These are the top things you need to know about any network marketing company that you’re considering joining.

1. Is the company offering a product or service?

2. Is the product or service of the company providing real value even though they are not a representative? Is it still worth the money even if you don’t earn a commission? (We’ll be covering the World Ventures LTC/Dream Trips programs in detail soon).

This is the most important part of any serious evaluation. World Ventures is no exception. If the product or service doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, then all aspects of network marketing such as World Ventures don’t matter.

Do you agree?

World Ventures’ travel products: Are they really worth it?

Dream Trips currently costs $199.95 up-front, and $24.99 each month thereafter. This product works in the same way as Sam’s Club or Costco. For a monthly fee, they buy bulk and get discounted vacation packages for their customers. World Ventures claims that there are 70 trips available for members.

Are these travel packages really worth the money or a fraud?

To properly assess the value of each vacation package offered by World Ventures, it would take a lot of time. However, the prices I did audit were quite impressive when compared to other top online travel booking websites.

Cabo San Lucas at Riu Palace was one vacation I compared. This vacation was for two adults and cost $760 via World Ventures’ Dream Trips product. Travelocity was nearly $200 more at $950.

Another comparison was made for a Jamaican vacation at Grand Lido Braco resort. The trip was for two adults and cost $890 via Dream Trips with World Ventures. Travelocity charged around $1050. These savings are quite significant, at least in these two cases.

To keep the “apples to apples” comparison in mind, there were more expensive vacations than others. These extras were not available through major travel websites or the prices weren’t shown unless you were a World Ventures client.

According to the data, most World Ventures customers will be able to recoup their Dream Trips membership costs with the money they save by booking their first vacation. This article is not a comprehensive Dateline NBC-style investigation. I reviewed only two of the nearly 70 Dream Trips to a major booking site. However, based on the numbers, it seems that those who take at most one great vacation per year would reap the benefits of their World Ventures membership.

The “World Ventures Scam”, which is still being investigated, appears to be unfounded.

World Ventures Leisure Travel Consultant Package

World Ventures LTC packages are also available for an upfront fee of $199.95, and $24.99 each thereafter. It can be viewed as an online business-in-a box. Your own online travel store, web-based learning courses, an exam and higher-level training in the travel industry are included in the start-up fee. They do not provide cutting-edge marketing training, but they give LTC’s all the tools they need to create a successful online travel business.

Rovia’s search engine was also very impressive to me. After using it for a while, and seeing how it searches all major sites, I realized that World Ventures claims that it doesn’t need to search multiple sites in order to find the best deal are quite plausible.

They offer a price match guarantee on online vacation bookings with Priceline, Travelocity and Expedia. This could be a great marketing tool for anyone who wants to start a network marketing campaign with World Ventures.

The common claim that World Ventures is a scam is that the World Ventures Leisure Travel Consultant program, which is essentially a card mill for travel agents, is

There have been several MLM companies over the past decade that tried to capitalize on the fact that an increasing number of travelers book their travel online. These companies did not provide any real value to their customers and left them “a bone for pick” in the network marketing travel industry.

These companies were actually selling cheap plastic cards to customers, which allowed them to offer discounts to their customers even though they weren’t licensed travel agents. This is how the term “card mills” was coined.

It’s a lot like the B.S. These “courses” are scams that take place in international waters. A school will issue you an academic degree in a matter of hours for a fee. You got a piece paper that said you were a Kazakhstani engineer. It’s very nice!

I am happy to report that there was nothing on their website or their marketing materials that would indicate that they have gone this route with their Leisure Travel Consultant program. World Ventures took it a step further by requiring LTC’s to book a minimum number of travel sales and complete additional training, similar to what agents in offline offices must do.

Keep in mind that the company offers a discount for bulk purchases and not to give discount cards to travel agents like other less-reputable network marketing companies.

This has been my attempt to give you some information about World Ventures and help you decide if it is a scam.

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