Within a Few Hours

It is amazing how fast your online world can be built. You will be amazed at the speed with which your online world can be created.

1. Start a blog or website
2. Register on a social networking site
3. Share content all over the Internet
4. Start linking everything together

You are creating a virtual world, and you are in it.

For generations, parents have told their children that the world doesn’t revolve around them. But this is different. Your world is designed to revolve around yours.

You are the epicenter of your online world, whether it is for professional, personal or charitable purposes. Your online business world is your center. The more you reflect that world, the better it will be for you.

What Your World Views…

The world in which you live is truly unique. There are no other people who have the exact same relationships and share the exact same experiences as you.

You are just one of many people’s lives, which intersect and share some common ground.

Imagine being thrown into that world, all eyes on you, and every ear listening to every word. It’s kind of scary.

What Do You Show Them?

Your online world has the magic of allowing you to control what other people see, hear, and learn about you. You can project yourself more accurately to the world if you have greater control over what media you use.

Honesty is the key ingredient to any relationship. Although they may not have as much information about you online, they will still recognize your sincerity and expect integrity.

Your content should be clear and concise. This will make it easier for people to connect with you.

Popularity Through Value

People in your online community will recognize you, regardless of where you are located, as an honest and sincere individual. They also expect some kind of reward for being part of your world.

As we expect our friends to be there for us, and even more from our families in life, it is reasonable to expect that you are the center of your internet universe.

It is important to ask the most important question: “How has my internet sphere benefitted from their experience today?” This will force your honesty and increase the gravitational pull of anyone still orbiting around you in cyberspace.

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