Woodrow Wilson’s wise words: “You aren’t here to just make a living. You’re here to make the world live better, more abundantly, with more vision, and with a greater spirit of hope, achievement, and to help it do so. You’re here to help the world. If you don’t, you will be unable to do the right thing.

Live your best life. Your best life transforms the world.

My belief is that we create our world every moment. It is created by those who are present in it. The quality of our invention depends on how well each person knows themselves and is willing to make a contribution.

Our unique DNA is what gives us our individual talents, strengths, and passions. We learn more about ourselves and our unique gifts, which allows us to better understand who we are. People who are passionate and good at what they do are the ones that live the most happy and successful lives.

This uniqueness is crucial. We are all unique and add to the world color, texture, experience, and impact because of this. This great uniqueness is something we can only discover ourselves and bring to the world. Our world grows. Our world grows. This is how we build our world. This is how our world transforms.

I find that the majority of people only live a fraction their potentials, either because they choose to or because they are unaware. They know very little about themselves and their inherent greatness. Either they don’t know what to do or they refuse to put in the effort. They don’t know how to access their greatness zone, the place where they feel their most happiness, and so they are unable to bring their best to the world. If you don’t know how to find it, you can’t bring your greatestness to the world.

Grace worked as an educator for a large distributor. Grace spent time learning about herself and worked hard to get a job as an educator, a position that suited her passions and talents. She was passionately connected with her students and her job. Grace’s classes often had a waiting-list. Your job was a great opportunity to help her succeed, which enriched her life. She was a great leader, knowing her strengths and talents. She set the standard. Although she wasn’t a national star, many of her students considered her a celebrity. She made a difference in their lives.

Name several people who are committed to their chosen field or craft. They are able to excel at their chosen field because of their talents. They are passionate and can connect in an amazing way. This combination is a game changer. You can think of Robert Frost, Michelangelo and Emeril Lagasse. They were passionate about what they did, and good at it. They added tremendous value to the world. They made the world more important. They changed the world.

Now identify other people around you who are committed to their craft. This could be your spouse, a colleague, teacher or pastor, friend, or any other person. People who are great expand the world around them.

People who are too small can’t change the world. People who aren’t aware of their passions and talents live only a fraction their potential and a fraction their lives. They not only miss out but also make the world less beautiful. They don’t reach their potential and aren’t able to share the greatness that will help the world create extraordinary things every day.

To find out more about your hardwired genius, answer the following questions:
* What are your strengths?
* What passion do you have?
* What does success (happiness?) mean to you?

These questions will help you discover the gifts and talents that you were born with. This will help you to discover your passions, talents, and strengths. These are your opportunities to be your best, give your best, and live your best life. You can transform the world by living your greatest life.

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