The world would be better without prejudices against race, creed, and color. The world would be better without hate, malice, spite, or revenge. It would be better if guns, rifles and other weapons were not freely available to anyone who wants to use them for crimes against society. The world would be better without manipulation, deception, abuse, and control.

Our world would be better if there weren’t greed, envy, and covetousness. Our world will be better if we remove gossip, backstabbing and slander from it. Our world will be better if we eliminate murder, rape and physical and mental abuse.

Stop violence. We will have a safer world if we stop child abuse, domestic violence, poverty, homelessness and homelessness. Our world will be a better place if we eliminate drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. The world would be cleaner and more peaceful if it didn’t pollute our water and air. It would also be healthier without artificial and chemical additives to food and beverages. Our world will be better if we ban teenage pregnancies and free sex.

Our world will be healthier and more peaceful if we eliminate cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as high blood pressure, and other deadly diseases. We will make the world a better place by eliminating lawlessness, rebellions, bigotry, persecution, and cruelty. It would be better if we could eliminate all the evil in our world.

The world would be better if it didn’t have anger, criticism, sarcasm and hate. Our world will be safer, more peaceful, and more secure if terrorists, Al Qaeda and religious fanaticism are eliminated. We will live in a better world if we can eliminate all of these evils and all other evils in society.

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