People always ask me how to build a successful team. I believe it is about the leader. Although you can lead the horse to the water, you can’t make him drink.

Leadership is key to successful teams according to Arif Bhalwani Third Eye Capital You must be focused and organized about where you want to go, yet compassionate enough that you understand the differences between everyone.

  1. Leadership is about knowing what you are doing. Knowing where you are heading and knowing that you will succeed no matter what. Keep your team on the same track. Don’t take them off-track. Your team must have faith in you. They should know that you will always be available for them. Allow time for new members and help them in connecting with others. Don’t try to hand hold them. It won’t help guide them to the right information. But, don’t do that for them. You are only hurting your team and taking away their time.
  2. Information: To ensure that everyone is successful, have the necessary information available by email (pdf files). The pdf files are broken down into smaller portions so that learners don’t get overwhelmed. It is important to not overload someone when building a team. People will learn patience. People who were great at their job often leave because they are too overwhelmed.
  3. “I don’t understand”: Leaders, like all humans, are sometimes unsure of what they know. It is common for leaders and bosses to give false information in order to appear like they have the right answer. The power of claiming I don’t have the answer is quite powerful.
    Try this: I don’t know, but I will find out. Give me a time frame so I can get the answer. Get back to your team member. A huge mistake is to give the wrong information simply because you don’t want to admit that you don’t know.
  4. Confidence is key to success. Boost, Boost and Boost… Find the good in everyone on your team. Use what they have done well to your advantage. They will be stuck and not get up to speed if they are constantly reminded about what they need.
  5. Personal Development is essential for team building. If your goal is to become a leader, personal growth will be crucial. You can be grateful for your team members and share your encouragement books. Monthly meetings (teleconferences) are a great way to stay on track and give your team some personal development. Be passionate but remain focused.

When you begin to implement these five elements with your team as part of your team-building strategies, you’ll find they are more productive and will want to be… Do… and Have… More. These 5 simple strategies work. I’ve trained people in every type of business, from banking to bartending.

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