Mean Girls


Alamo Drafthouse DC Area · 20575 Easthampton Plz , Ashburn


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How much do you love MEAN GIRLS? If you answered “that limit does not exist!” then show the world just how grool you are with a “North Shore Lions Mathletes” Tee designed by Mondo. Just don’t pull a Kevin G with it, ok? Available only with ticket purchase to these shows!

Brought to you for a special re-release engagement as part of Alamo Encore, celebrating the movies you can't get enough of.

MEAN GIRLS is the most important survival guide to high school ever created. Every freshman should be given a copy before the first day of class. Seriously, it’s cultural importance cannot be undervalued.

Without MEAN GIRLS, how would you understand the importance of befriending lovable, self-described freaks like Janice and Damian? How would you figure out that you're supposed to dress sexy, not scary, for Halloween? How would you discover that you should never, ever eat a Kalteen bar? And, most importantly, how else would you know that Regina George's hair is full of secrets?

This film is jam-packed with vital tips from Her Royal Highness Tina Fey, who created characters you can’t help but love to hate and will forever quote. And at these Alamo Encore screenings we’ll give it all of the adoration it deserves. Join us as we hate on the Plastics, cheer for the Mathletes and celebrate the one thing Lindsay Lohan did right. Trust falls optional!


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