A Storm of Support - Fill the Truck!


My Guys Moving · 45726 Elmwood Ct , Sterling


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**CELEBRITY GUESTS joining us at 10:00am sharp!

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, rescue efforts are underway and YOUR help is needed! Lend your support by joining us on Thursday September 14th (from 10am until the truck is full) to load the truck with donated items from the community. Our arrival date in Texas will be 9/18 at Sunnyside Multi Service Center, part of the Houston Department of Health and Human Services.

Hosted by Pearson Smith Realty and My Guys Moving; our media partner is the Loudoun Times-Mirror

Current Needs:
*Sorry, no clothing or housewares accepted at this time.

- Diapers/wipes
- Baby food/formula
- Toiletries: toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, over the counter meds (Tylenol, motrin, etc), feminine products, premade hygiene kits (think travel size, grouped together in a Ziploc baggie)
- Cleaning supplies: bleach, mops, buckets, Lysol, heavy duty garbage bags, bug spray, etc
- Bottled water
- Shelf stable food: easy open canned goods, power bars, applesauce pouches, peanut butter, fruit cups, etc
- Plastic storage bins/laundry baskets
- Wheelchairs, canes, medical gloves, masks
- Suitcases, duffel bags, back packs
- Charging cables, power strips, generators, dehumidifiers, fans, heavy duty extension cords & gas cans
- A note of encouragement 💖