Team Results Masterclass


The Meadowkirk Center · 38012 Delta Farm Ln , Middleburg


6 дней, 16 часов назад

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The Team Results Masterclass is a 2½-day leadership masterclass aimed at people with management responsibilities in government and business. The Masterclass is similar to the Harvard summer classes in terms of the learning and networking benefits, but is much faster and far less expensive.  Key benefits include:

Professional preferment because you have received high-end training;

Professional friendships that give you lasting advantages in your career;

A level of self-knowledge that is the first thing senior people look for when deciding whom to promote; and

If you are sending someone (rather than going yourself), a place to send really high-potential people who need and deserve high-end development.

Most participants are at the mid- to senior management level, but anyone who leads people will benefit. This is not a standard training program, but an intensive masterclass for working leaders, compressed into a single 2½-day program including two overnights. It is run by Team Results USA, the company which trains leadership teams for IBM, Pfizer, Toyota, the State Department, DHS, the FDA and many others. Graduates will emerge with advanced professional development aimed at furthering their careers in the leadership of people and their own membership of senior leadership teams. Programs of this type have been utilized by top-100 companies and peak government organizations for years, always at significant expense. The Meadowkirk Masterclass makes it possible for smaller organizations and organizations with limited budget to secure the same benefits for selected leaders at minimal cost.


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