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Over 160 musicians (among professional, college level and even as young as 14 years of age) from many different countries around the world (and five continents) will converge in Loudoun to participate in the OneWorld Symphonic Festival.  The event starts in Leesburg on June 27, when the camerata (professional and college-age) begin rehearsals. This group arrives on June 26/27.
The rest of the guests arrive on June 28/29, and begin rehearsals on June 30. The festival concludes with 3 performances on July 4th, 5th and 6th.
OneWorld invites you to participate in this wonderful summer event by volunteering as a host family for the international musicians!
 “Year after year, our family looks forward to this event. It’s one of the highlights of our summer. We’ve made such good friends with the children… they feel like family!”  
What do host families do?
·  Provide transportation to and from the airport (Dulles).
· Provide room and board for the stay (Arrivals June 26, 27 or 28 - Departures on July 8).
· Provide transportation to and from rehearsals and concerts (Leesburg/Sterling/Reston). Arrangements can be made for Washington, DC, and Maryland performances.
· Make new friends abroad!
 During the event, host families may observe the rehearsals of OneWorld, and have special seating at concerts. They are also invited to participate in special activities. It is a great opportunity to expose children to a different culture, teach them about other parts of the world, and support and promote the appreciation of classical music. If you are interested in being a host family, please sign up right here! For more information, contact us at or by phone at (703) 628-2589.