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Loudoun Pilates · 604 South King Street#006 , Leesburg


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Turiya Yoga + Wellness assists students in discovering health benefits that will last a lifetime. Yoga has been proven to decrease chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety… By reducing stress and providing an overall sense of harmony a restoration of physical and mental well-being is uncovered.   For many of us, the practices of yoga has changed our lives. Yoga teaches us to turn inward, to pay attention, and to notice without judgment. Practice enables us to find balance in our bodies and minds, as well as develop our overall well-being.

Weekly yoga classes that create balance in the body  through developing awareness, breath focus, flexibility and strength.  A gentle, slow flow class that uses movement + stillness to incorporate a connection with our breath, our body, our mind.   Moment to moment exploration and observation as we move with intention through postures which unearths strength, stability & expansion. Cultivating wholeness, well-being and relaxation.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to incorporate a weekly yoga practice:
·         Relieve chronic pain
·         Help ease symptoms from temporary or chronic conditions
·         Increase flexibility
·         Reduce stress and anxiety
·         Improve mental and physical well-being
·         Enhance energy, strength and stamina

This session runs March 14th through May 30th.  
There will be NO class on: March 28th or May 16th


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