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Betrothal in a Monastery (original Russian title Обручение в монастыре; Obrucheniye v monastïre), is an opera by Sergei Prokofiev, his sixth with an opus number. The libretto, in Russian, was by the composer and Mira Mendelson (his companion in later life), after Richard Brinsley Sheridan's ballad opera libretto for Thomas Linley the younger's The Duenna.

Prokofiev began the work in 1940, and it was in rehearsal that year, but World War II halted production of the opera. The composer revised the score in Almaty in 1943. The first performance did not occur until 3 November 1946 at the Kirov Theatre with Boris Khaikin conducting. The producer was I. Shlepianov.

Commentators have noted that, given the context of its creation in the 1940s in the Soviet Union, this opera lacks any particular political or social comment, except perhaps for a scene involving drunken monks.

World premiere: 3 November 1946, Kirov Opera, Leningrad (St Petersburg)
Premiere of this production: 14 September 1996, Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg

Running time 3 hours 35 minutes
The performance has two intervals

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Mariinsky Theatre
Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, Theatre Square, 1


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