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An Anxious Box Keeper’s Sketch-Book - one-man performance directed by the Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Volkov is the second piece of the Monologues at the Tsar’s Lobby cycle opened by the Monologues performance (currently named Faces and Roles) directed by the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Marton and based on pieces of the classic repertoire. Igor Volkov is an outstanding one-man performance expert. His individual works have received a number of awards, praised by critics, and adored by the audience. The most significant one-man performances in the Theatre’s repertoire are The Joyful Graveyard based on A.P. Chekhov’s works, The Confession of a Grumbler based on F.M. Dostoyevsky’s diaries, and The Last Dream by N. Gogol.

All those performances have something in common – a wide amplitude of emotional narration – it involves tender lyricism and severe grotesque, subtle humour and tragic compassion towards the main character. An Anxious Box-Keeper’s Sketch-Book performance is based on the Madonna, Case Record, and other stories by Mikhail Zoshchenko. Igor Volkov directs many of his own one-man performances. He is the author of literature and scenic compositions of An Anxious Box-Keeper’s Sketch-Book, as well as he plays the role of the main character of Zoshchenko’s stories – Vasily Bylinkin, a person of little mark.

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