Royal Pandiyas

Адрес: GG Motors 29-A, Workshop Road
099943 61758


This is the club of Prestigious riders of Royal Enfield, the Iconic Motor Cycle of India, from Madurai and near to Madurai.
*Join us to the mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers.
*For those who are passionate and proud of riding and owning a Royal Enfield.

• Riders should have a valid driving license for motorcycle with gear, permitted to ride in India along with registration, insurance and PUC certificate.

• Minimum riding gear is mandatory; it should consist of a Jacket, helmet and ankle covered shoes.

• Mandatory equipment spare parts to carry are Toolkit, Chain Sprocket Bearing, Wheel Bearing 6203, Chain Link, Spark Plug, Tube, Bulbs, Fuses, Clutch Cable,Accelerator Cable & Flashlight.

• Carrying a first aid kit will be an added value.

• The speed limit will be strictly riding with the pack, which will not exceed 80kmph.

• Communication should be crisp and clear with least ambiguity. Every time before we start there will be a briefing as to how the group will proceed and the details of the stops and destinations etc.

• Be prepared to ride when the group starts, don’t waste time preparing (wearing helmet gloves) when the group is ready to ride.

• Do not overtake and come between riders who are riding together (maintaining constant distance between themselves).

• Whenever you stop, give first priority to the reason for stopping whether it is taking photos, ordering food, taking a leak, checking the bike etc... We must ensure that we are ready to ride when everybody is and the group does not have to wait unnecessarily for any reason.

• Indicate before overtaking.

• Do not park uncomfortably close to another bike making it uncomfortable for you and the other rider to get back on your motorcycles and start easily.

• In case you notice something unusual or dangerous do bring it to the notice of the group leader / wing in charge.

• Rules and regulations are for the harmony and safety of the individual or group. However we expect you to follow the below mentioned rules very strictly, failing which we may exclude that particular participant from the rest of the trip.

Intoxication: we do not tolerate any form of intoxication when on the bike. Disregard for this will result in immediate expulsion.

Conduct: participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that preserves their dignity and others around them, including other participants.