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Описание is a powerful source of information, jam-packed with pictures and detailed specifications on thousands of firearms from over 80 of the industry’s leading manufacturers/importers. Many consumers hate shopping - taking time out of their busy schedule only to find out that their favorite gun store does not have their desired firearm in stock. With today’s high fuel prices this is not only aggravating but also expensive. We have solved this problem. With our service, a consumer knows instantly if the firearm is available and the price he will pay. He simply secures it with a small online deposit and we ship it to the Davidson’s Gold dealer of his choice to complete the transaction. Fast, easy and hassle free. is different from other sites offering firearms for sale.

• is not an auction site listing firearms from thousands of sources and dependent on these sources to accurately maintain their listings and availability. On average over 15 million dollars of firearms inventory is available at These firearms are all owned by Davidson’s and located in our Prescott, AZ warehouse, where they are instantly committed to orders placed at

• does not make money as an internet service, charging transaction fees, listing fees or selling banner advertising. The site has one mission: sell the firearms we carry to consumers; utilizing our extensive nationwide network of firearms retailers.

This exciting new page features a continuously updated library of videos that showcase’s firearms offerings. Whether you’re looking for specifications, education or training, there is something for everyone at the Gallery of Guns Video Hub.

This new page is your guide to our new television series, Gallery of Guns Television on the Sportsman Channel. On this page, you’ll find episode dates as well as detailed information on models scheduled to be featured in upcoming shows. You’ll also be able to search and view featured products and show segments from previous episodes.