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Andorfine Music is one step ahead in the world of dance music and is the leading independent electronic label.

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Andorfine Music is the premier Electronic Dance Music brand in West Germany, formed in Aachen in 2001 by Dirk Waldt. Andofine's current roster includes Crew 7, Sunrider, Melbourne Bounce Project, Mr. Z, Genial, Danzel, Sol City, Baby Brown, DJ N'Farmer, Alessio Pras, Sandermatt, Tony T, Generation Madness, Alpha-X, Soul Bros, John Brisby, Geeno Fabulous, Rachel Kramer, Kim Leoni, Cayenna, Rico Caliente, Papa London, Tommy Clint, Brisby & Jingles and many more. The songs of Andorfine services are delivered through the distribution Kontor New Media at the world's leading online music stores and streaming.

In cooperation with the Roba Music Publishing, which is one of the largest independent publishers in Europe, founded Andorfine Media 2012 the publishing house "Edition Andorfine Media".

In 2012 Andorfine Media became a official Youtube partner with his Youtube channel.

Since the establishment, Andorfine published the world's first Cascadas debut singles as their record company, "Miracle", "Bad Boy" and "Every Time We Touch". 2006 Andorfine granted a sublicense for the Cascada songs on Universal Germany. With the help of Universal then succeeded with "Everytime We Touch" the Top 10 to conquer the English and German charts and the Top 100 of several other countries incl. US Billboard Charts.

2009 Andorfine song was "Sunrider - The Bomb" used in the American movie The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. The film was released in late 2010 in the German cinemas.

With Crew 7 releasede Andorfine two titles that had been obtained from its author will not release remixes / covers in the EDM / dance area. 2010 "Thunderstruck" by AC / DC was released. A previously published 2005